Interview of the 2 Co-founders

How did you get the idea for INSIDERS?

INSIDERS was born because of two observations:

It is very difficult to find relevant information when exploring a new market internationally. Too expensive, too standardized, outdated… qualitative international market studies are hard to find

There is an untapped pool of French talents living abroad. These talents are expatriate partners experiencing a career transition due to their international mobility.

Mobilizing these talents enables us to offer a unique level of knowledge and a priceless feedback to French companies who want to develop their activities overseas.

What is INSIDERS mission?

We created both our services to French companies in their international development. we developed both INSIDERS services:

  • Talor-made market studies made by experienced professionals living abroad for at least 6 months to provide the relevant information in the exploratory phase
  • A talents search service to enable French companies to start building a local presence with someone culturally close while controlling costs.

Why are you the right people to develop this activity?

We master the exercise of market research.

We also know that market research has to give the ” little extra ” that will really foster the decision making process for managing the international development of your business.

Being expatriates ourselves for almost 10 years, we know this untapped talent pool – we are connected to them and we know what they have to offer!